Cardnarok: Raid with God’s Review

This is another one of those games that was outside of my typical gaming comfort zone. I had never played a game like this before but, again, I was pleasantly surprised! It is a deck building rogue-like card game that is currently in early access that I had the privilege of playing.

The campaign starts off on a board game-like field in which you roll dice and try to move your character to the end of the board. After you go through all of your dice rolls, you are then sent on expeditions in which the real strategy of the game kicks in. You choose 3 gods to aid you during this time, each with their own special abilities. The deck building aspect was the most familiar to me as I had been a Yu-Gi-Oh player in my younger days. Oh youth.

But alas, the battle aspect was unfamiliar territory and very unique from what I understand to this game. You are given a hand of the cards from your deck, each card does something different, and divine cards in your hand change to that of the ability of the god you are controlling at that time. For example, Zeus had divine cards that allowed him to use elemental attacks that targeted multiple enemies while Athena could use those cards to heal and revive other gods.

Once I get the hang of the game with it’s greatly explained tutorial and get a few battles under my wing, I quickly realized how much fun I was having. It took me back to a place of nostalgia while also taking me somewhere new. This is a game I will continuously go back to just to spend some time relaxing and building bigger and better decks. I am excited for the next batch of content the devs release and can’t wait to see what improvements are made.

4 stars out of 5.