Jump King

The game is simple. There are platforms and you jump to them until you reach the top. I had no idea what I was up against when I started this game. All I knew, plot wise, was that there was a smoking hot babe at the top and the protagonist desperately wanted to be the one to arrive there first.

I’ve gotta say that my will was heavily tested playing this game. It was easy enough to get the swing of things down but if you make one simple mistake, you are starting from scratch. If you land back at the starting area, the old man who greeted you at the start of the game berates you and your efforts. I’m not gonna lie. His words hurt. More than the sting of landing back at the bottom and starting over.

Failures aside, the challenge was fun and inviting and tested your patience. I always appreciate a game that does so even with such a simple mechanic. While I never felt like a Jump King myself, I did feel like I got the hang of the timing of the jumps just enough to where I could consider myself a Jump Prince of sorts. The game is worth checking out if you like a fun, but challenging platformer.

4 stars out of 5