Bake N Switch

At first glance, this game seemed to be a great competitor to another big food based cooperative game. Great graphics, food based gameplay, and cooperative or PVP gameplay with friends. At the moment of playing though, I realized it was anything but. Let’s dive in.

Playing the Beta build of the game went smoothly at first but naturally there were some issues.

First issue of the game? No matchmaking. You cannot play this without friends online or without someone to play with locally. I’ve personally never been a fan of that restriction. I was luckily able to play with a friend locally and give it a shot though.

Now the gameplay itself is super smooth and the graphics are cutesy but great. I had fun playing a bit of co-op and PVP but the game itself did get old real fast. Because of that, it’s not a game I see myself going back to when I do get the rare opportunity to play with someone locally, let alone with someone online I know who owns this game.

I don’t like comparing games to others when reviewing but this is a rare case in which I will. It just does not compare to the formula that Overcooked had created. With a few tweaks and additions to the game, I would happily give it another chance. But until then, I will have to give this undercooked meal a 2 out of 5 star restaurant review.