Dumb As Wizards

Dumb As Wizards is about what you’d expect out of a game with such a title. Pretty dumb. Not only did I have the most difficult time finding anyone to play with online, when I was able to, the game was just as boring as playing with bots.Speaking of having a difficult time, the first online game I could find took about 20 minutes to do so.

I will give them credit for some of the creative magical abilities you get in game but that’s about all I can give it credit for. The controls felt wonky, the spells felt lacking when used and the gameplay itself is all just a little too basic for what it had the potential for.

All in all, the game was a let down as I was genuinely excited to give it a try and gain something out of it. Especially the online aspect of out-wizarding other poor souls. Unfortunately, all I got was a lousy time and nothing to show for it. Merlin himself would be disappointed.

1 stars out of 5