TerraMaster F2-210

With more people than ever working from home or growing their businesses; storage capacity as well as backing up vital information and programs is essential.

With the TerraMaster F2-210 users can now have their own affordable two-bay NAS system for their own Cloud and home media.

Powered by an ARM V8 Quad Core 64 Bit processor allows fast storage and retrieval of files which is key. Being able to go from home, office, to the road with ease, security, and speed is key as users can work on presentations at home, take them to the office and on the road with ease, and know their data will be safe and easy to access.

Home users will be able to store movies, music, and photos safely and know they will be accessible without having to take up valuable time and space when users wish to access them.

The price of the unit is also a big factor as being able to get the unit for around $150.00 makes it a very affordable and versatile option for both high and low-end users who want their own storage solutions.

Setup is fast and a two-year warranty and the support line ensure that users will be able to rest assured knowing their data is safe.

With up to 32 TB of data storage and multiple array modes supported, the F2-210 is an ideal unit for users of all levels and for all of your storage needs.