AfterShokz OpenComm Bone Conduction Headset

With so many audio options available for consumers it can be harder than ever to find an audio option that provides quality sound with the comfort and versatility that is needed by the modern lifestyle.

Enter the AfterShokz OpenComm Bone Conduction headset. The unit fits around the back of the head versus across the top and allows users a secure fit. Since it used Bone Conduction; audio passes via the skull to give a more complete and natural sound.

Using a Bluetooth connection that easily pairs with any enabled device, the headset can easily go from use in a car, office, or on the go with ease. The microphone was of great quality and was ideal for conversations in both an office and mobile setting.

While many vehicles use built-in hands-free for calls; this headset is ideal for those who do not have this option or prefer another option. Long-haul drivers will enjoy the comfortable fit as being able to wear a hat along with the unit is a plus that is not an option short of using earbuds.

With more and more people working at home, being able to handle calls and audio without being tethered to a desktop microphone or lugging around a full headset is a great option and for those looking for great sound and versatility; this unit checks all of the boxes.