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Published on May 12th, 2021 | by minshewnetworks


How you can generate traffic with social media

A lot of people scroll through social media hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. It is a great pass time because of the variety of content catering to different tastes and preferences whether it is entertainment, news or technology. Several companies are trying to take advantage of the opportunity of social media to grab your attention and maybe, get some of your hard-earned money driven their way.

Different social media platforms run by different rules in order for you to make the most out of them but there are some generic rules that may cut across all platforms. It may seem easy to just get on and start posting which will get you going and if you post consistently, you may get a little further. You need more to succeed on social media and the tips we will share are just what you will need to drive traffic to you. Ready?

Giveaways and promotions

“I hate free stuff”, said no human being ever. Everybody is always on the lookout for something they can gain for free especially if its money. The same tactic works in the world of social media. Several brands can use prizes, giveaways or promotions to draw in customers, new and old. Giveaways may be attached to resharing information about the business on their social media handle for more attention from others for example through retweets on Twitter. Posting a selfie for a hashtag challenge on Instagram, like Chipotle has done, can be another great incentive for engagement. No matter which platform you are on, you should never stop being creative. A tip that most don’t consider is that if you’re a newer Twitter account it can be advantageous to buy Twitter followers through a service like Twesocial before you start your giveaway as this builds some trust, as most people don’t trust a brand with no followers. Just as people don’t trust an account with no followers we don’t trust a service without good reviews and Increditools.com recently gave a glowing review of Twesocial which is why we recommended them.

Organic advertising

One of the easiest ways to get people’s attention in the business world is through advertising. We see commercials for different brands all the time on TV and on Youtube. Some are catchy, some are boring but they all have the same motive which is to get you to spend your cash. Social media affords business the option to advertise through creating catchy content with a call to action. The catchy content draws in the reader and the CTA (Call to Action) directs the reader to where they can access the product.

Leave links whenever you can

It is great to have external sites link to your social media page or website but it is even better to have links to other websites or social media pages which may be supplementary to your product. For example, if your business is into fashion, it may help to link other fashion blogs that talk about what is trending currently. The advantage of this is these links could provide incentive for your followers to engage with your page since they find a lot of helpful content linked on your page.

Create shareable content

Content is the name of the game when it comes to social media. 65 percent of peoples’ time is spent on social media on mobile devices and 40 percent spend it on news. The content that gets the most attention is the one that is easy to read and simple to share. Some of the best ways to draw users’ attention is by sharing memes and content that appeals to human senses. Such content allows followers to judge a book by its cover and potentially engage because the content is relatable to them on a personal basis. Some content may become viral which significantly increases the engagement with a page.

Make sure you are posting

Content has no purpose if it’s not shared consistently. Imagine seeing a shop on a corner of a street that sells something you like but their lights are always off and door always closed or open sometimes. You will eventually lose interest and try somewhere else. Social media works the same way. For constant engagement, posting content should be consistent. Scheduling is a useful tool that helps set a time, date and what type of content you want shared on social media. It can be automated to post without your intervention. It is also important that posts should not be lumped together to allow users not to get choked up with too much information too fast.


Social media is a great tool if you can learn how to generate traffic. Taking into account these tips will give you some headway in creating a great following for your page wherever you are.


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