The Alamo Inn & Suites Offers No Frills But A Great Location

Recently we had a coverage opportunity arise which would involve a fast over and back the next day trip to Southern California. The recent re-opening of the state combined with a long weekend for some, Father’s Day weekend, Theme Parks opening to out-of-state guests, A Major Golf event, and High School Graduations caused a severe demand for rooms.

From San Diego to Buena Park and smaller cities in-between; rooms were going for 3x-5x what the usual rates were and even during major events you can usually find a good deal if you are willing to stay about 30 minutes away from your destination.

After a frustrating search with multiple search options we have used in the past; we were able to find an acceptable rate at the Alamo Inn and Suites in Anaheim.

Upon arrival, we were able to use the free parking and did a lobby check-in as the staff had a small table by the door to check guests in vs having them in the lobby.

While the building seemed older; you could see care had been made to attempt to enhance the ambiance with flower beds along the various railings of the hotel.

There was a pool and deck area for those who wished to use them as well as vending and ice machines as one would expect.

The room was nice as it offered flooring versus carpet and was very clean and inviting. There was a desk, a table, and flat-screen television as well as a Microwave and fridge. There was not a lot of closet space and we noticed a lack of outlets that were not in use. The Microwave and fridge were not plugged in when we arrived so those were available as was one near a lamp.

The hotel is located near various dining and retail options but the big draw is that it is about a 15-minute walk from Disneyland. Despite being tired from our long drive; we set out for Downtown Disney to do a bit of shopping and get some dinner. With the recent elimination of masks, spacing, and capacity it was easy to get in as we had no wait at security; but it was crowded and chaotic in many areas as people lined up to get into restaurants and retail locations and the swarm of people in close proximity was unnerving at times after the last 15 months.

Despite this, we were able to complete what we set out for and made it back to the hotel and settle in for the night. The television offered many stations but since it was Satellite; many repeated themselves and had unusual numbers and there was no on-screen guide nor printed material to help so I had to just search until I found something.

The Wi-Fi was good and required a call to the lobby for the password so I took this opportunity to place a wake-up call request. The next morning; the call came on time and the shower had plenty of pressure and hot water as we prepared for the morning.

We did not see any coffee which had been listed as an amenity in the room or in the lobby but our checkout was very smooth.

While some may have issues with an older locale lacking some of the frills and polish of other hotels; The Alamo Inn and Suites offers clean rooms at an affordable rate within easy reach of Disneyland, The Anaheim Convention Center, and dining options.

As such; it provided a welcome and convenient place to stay when the bigger name locales were unavailable or over-priced and suited our needs for an overnight stay just fine.

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