The Birch Aquarium In La Jolla Is A Beautiful And Informative Place For The Whole Family To Enjoy

On a recent visit to La Jolla; we had a chance to experience the Birch Aquarium. The scenic setting was very welcoming and the three hours of complimentary parking ensured that we would have ample time to take in what was offered.

Upon arrival we were told that masking and spacing were still required despite recent changes in the state and there were aquatic-themed stickers lining our path; many with clever sayings to remind guests to stay with their group, space, and stay moving in one direction.

The first area was filled with Jellyfish, Eels, a Sea Turtle, and other fish and we were able to move from display to display and enjoy the variety that was on display. A larger room offered a very large viewing area complete with some Sharks and other fish and was a real highlight.



After we completed this area; we moved outside and were treated to a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean as well as some encounter areas where guests could touch a Sea Cucumber and other aquatic residents. The staff was very helpful and answered questions and assisted those looking for a closer encounter.


Back inside we explored a fun area for children which was filled with aquatic facts in a Comic-Book style theme. There were numerous games, and graphics which were both educational and informative. A multi-screen theater showed a film on the Seas and there was also an informative display on Survival Gear.

Outside of this area, we were able to enjoy more Sharks as well as some tactile areas that let us experience Whale Bones and Shells up close which was highly informative.

We noticed there were classrooms on hand and I speculated that not only do school-children learn in this environment during trips, but that also that the organization uses this as part of their program as they had numerous facilities around the Aquarium.

While the dining area was not yet open during our early-morning visit; we did go to the Gift Shop and purchased some items and enjoyed knowing it helps fund the aquarium and conservation efforts.

While we were able to complete the experience in about an hour; we had a very enjoyable visit and would love to be able to bring our Granddaughter to experience all it has to offer.

Tickets are very affordable and there are also Memberships available for those who wish to make frequent visits.


The Aquarium also hosts various events during the year so you will want to make sure to visit.

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