Copshop Is One Of The Most Enjoyable Films Of The Year

The new film “Copshop” is a eclectic blend of styles which combine to create one of the more interesting and entertaining films of the year. The movie stars Gerard Butler as Viddick; a notorious killer who has been tasked with taking down a person who knows to much named Teddy (Frank Grillo).

Teddy prides himself on matching people of influence but when things got out of hand and Teddy makes the situation worse; he assaults as a cop (Alexis Louder); hoping that the prison cell will offer him a degree of protection.
However when Viddick arrives; the situation soon becomes much larger than anyone could anticipate and with rivals and a complicated threat looming; the situation soon becomes a deadly trap for all who are unfortunate enough to coss the path of Teddy and Viddick.
Director Joe Carnahan masterfully blends the characters and the action to create a level of depth not normally found in films of this type and the influences of the 60s and 70s westerns and action genere was clearly present.
Louder was captivating in the part and it will be great too see her star rise in the future. Butler was engaging as a complicated individual who stood out beyond the usual bad guy role.
In the end “Copshop” is a very enjoyable film that is one of the most fun and refreshing films of the year.

4 stars out of 5