The Eye’s Of Tammy Faye

Growing up in a small southern community, worship is the center of town. Little Tammy was not allowed in church because she was the embodiment from her mother’s sin of being a child out of wedlock. The day she decided that she wanted to be part of the congregation to receive the love of Jesus. Once she had communion, she went into a seizure, speaking in tongues. From the moment she began to hear Jesus’ message she dedicated her life to delivering the word.

We see Tammy (Jessica Chastain)as the idealistic devotee, in bible college working hard for Jesus, dedicating her songs, puppets and life to conveying the word. She meets Jim Bakker (Andrew Garfield) during class, meeting a kindred spirit in capitalistic evangelicalism. They both agree that the Lord does not want his shepherds to be without.

They believe that the Lord led them to the 700 Club and Pat Robertson (Gabriel Olds). The young couple begin by doing the children’s show. Jim, wanting to be able to preach to a wider audience starts an evening program that is like the Tonight Show.

Pat Robertson had dismissed the initial idea, coveted the show’s popularity, and moved Jim to children’s programming. That was when the Bakker’s left to start PTL.


Chastain and Garfield start the film playing the idealistic twosome, but they look like the actors playing the roles. As they develop, they transform into the Bakkers. Garfield becomes the plastic moulded caricature of the evangelical preacher and Chastain’s metamorphosis is an incredible performance that is certainly well worth an Oscar nomination.

This movie was an unexpected story from Tammy Faye’s point of view. I definitely learned more about her story and have a better understanding of how she was a gay icon.


4/5 Stars