The Best Movies and TV shows on Netflix in 2021


Deciding what to watch with your family, friends or partner can take a long time. There are a plethora of movies and shows to choose from so we have helped narrow down to some of the best ones available.


There are many streaming services available so checkout guide to the best streaming services, giving information on what type of content each one offers.


Let’s get started, here are a few great TV shows/Movies you should be watching on Netflix:



Norsemen is a comedy series about a Viking village called Norheim around the year 790AD. The comedy style is very irreverent, with particular themes taken from today’s culture such as the chieftain saying “let’s make Norheim great again”.


The start of the series depicts the Vikings going on raids, raping and pillaging places firstly in Norway and then later in England. They bring back treasures and slaves and trade with other settlements nearby. The main villain of the series is Jarl Varg, who is the ruler of nearby Vargnes. He is a psychopathic character who enjoys people suffering. Moreover, in Viking times having hair was a sign of strength and Jarl did not have any, which was also a very funny part of his character.


The show is wonderfully written and very inappropriate at times which is in turn very funny. The comedy twist on many dark scenes is very clever and if you like black comedy, then this is for you.

The English Game

Created by acclaimed writer and creator of Downton Abbey Julian Fellowes, The English Game is a drama about the origins of football in the UK. Set in Victorian England, focusses on two teams on opposing sides of the class divide. The First team; Eton invented the game of football with the leading character Arthur Kinnaird (played by Edward Holcroft) captaining the team. On the other side of the spectrum was Darwen FC, a working-class mill town in Lancashire.


Believe it or not, but football was actually an upper-class sport when it started and the whole premise of the series was to make football enjoyable to everyone. It has some heartwarming stories of how people lived back then. Working 15-hour days in the mill, whereby their only form of escapism was the pub and football on a Saturday, the sense of community is rather uplifting. On the other hand, the privileged aristocrats wanted to keep the game of football for themselves, only allowing the upper classes to play and rigging the Football Association (FA) to get their way.


It really is an us vs them drama, poignantly written, demonstrating the major class divides in Victorian society. It is a must watch, especially if you love football and social justice.

Casino Royale

The legendary James Bond film Casino Royale is now available to watch on Netflix. The plot of the film is that 007 embarks on a mission to prevent mob banker le Chiffre from winning a high stakes poker game. Rated as one of Daniel Craig’s best ever performances as Bond, the action as well as the cinematography is first class.


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The poker game itself was worth $115m to the winner so the stakes were high especially to the villain – Le Chiffre. There were plenty of twists and turns, but overall, all the characters in Casino Royale worked exceptionally well especially Vesper Lynd and the mysterious Mr White. Nonetheless, as ever in a Bond movie, the main villain steals the show with Mads Mikkelson playing Le Chiffre, which was a world class performance.