How Gaming and Esports Industries Contribute to Coping With COVID-19


Chinese officials first identified the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in January 2020. Nearly two years later, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a “new normal” of lockdowns, health protocols, and telecommuting.


Options available to gamers and sports enthusiasts as coping mechanisms during the global crisis include joining or watching esports events and online sports betting.


Companies in the esports sector have harnessed digital channels to reach their target market of online gamers. The services of the gaming and esports industries have extended to provide online goodwill features in these tough times.

COVID-19 Education Initiatives for Gamers

The global surge in stay-at-home orders and school closures since early 2020 has provided the gaming industry a “teachable moment” to educate online gamers about COVID-19.

You can find global initiatives like #PlayApartTogether, which has increased COVID-19 awareness among global gamers. This initiative focused on preventive measures to slow the spread of the coronavirus disease through health guidelines.

Some examples include physical distancing and hand washing.


Are you a fan of the Black Eyed Peas? If so, then you may have heard that the global awareness initiative also received support from the popular musical group leading up to the 2020 holiday season.


The Grammy award-winning group’s artists encouraged gamers through videos shared on the #PlayApartTogether network. They feature the founding member Taboo.


Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent also shared through a press statement that playing games may help with the objective of saving lives.

The Gaming Industry’s Serious Approach

The gaming industry has leveraged its enormous reach to raise awareness among people most affected by the global pandemic. Some of the various programs you can may find offered during the COVI-19 pandemic include:

In-Game Messaging

The U.K’s leading gaming companies, including Activision-Blizzard, collaborated with a national agency to promote its “Stay At Home, Save Lives” campaign. The messaging included in-game information about how to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Live-Streamed Events

You can learn about these events that include the esports franchise Tempo Storm. They raise awareness of COVID-19 relief efforts involving groups.

Some examples you can find include charities, such as disaster relief organizations and food banks.

Corporate Giving

Companies in the gaming industry can give back during the pandemic.


Here’s an example. Rockstar Games pledged to donate part of its revenues from particular titles during April and May 2020 to assist local communities during the global crisis.

COVID-19-Focused Esports Events

Competitive gaming events, like the United Nations International Emergency Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in 2021, featured elite gamers competing in some ultra-popular esports titles.


The charity event’s main objective was to hinder the spread of COVID-19.


The Gamers without Borders event took place for seven weeks, starting in June 2021. The winners donated their share of $10 million prize money to UNICEF and other international charities.


Visit the UNICEF homepage to learn whether a 2022 edition of the event is going to be scheduled.


UNICEF strives to deliver 2 billion COVID-19 vaccines to countries that need them during the global health emergency.


However, UNICEF isn’t a for-profit organization. That said, the game’s developers and publishers have indirectly contributed to the event’s success through developing games for the esports competition.


You couldn’t participate in an esports event without video games.

Tracing and Warning Apps

The World Economic Forum reported that the worldwide video gaming market reached an estimated $159 billion value in 2020.


The gaming industry’s growth has opened the door for gaming-related products and services you can get.


One example you can find is the Corona Warning app launched by the Germany-based app marketing company Applike Group.


The company launched the mobile app in several countries, including Germany, the U.K, France, Canada, and Brazil. The app informs you if you’ve recently been in the vicinity of someone who later tested positive for the coronavirus disease.


One obstacle the company had to overcome was increasing public awareness that “there’s an app for that.” The app developer and publishers of these Corona warning and tracking apps reward users for building interest.


As a gamer, you can earn virtual currency to encourage positive behavior. As a player of esports or other video games, you can redeem in-app currency to progress in the games that display the app.


The Corona Warning promotion went on from December 2020 to March 2020 and had the goal of one million viewers in Germany alone.

Relaxing, Learning, and Connecting

One of the main ways the gaming industry has helped people cope during the global pandemic is through the products themselves. For example, competitive gaming may help gamers relieve stress during these challenging times.