A Beginner’s Guide to Excel in Matching Master

One of the most entertaining arcade games on mobile, Matching Master is quickly gaining traction amongst millions of gamers. Matching Master or the match 3 game online is a vibrant puzzle game similar to Candy Crush but with fun tweaks and features. If you’ve never played the game before and are just starting, here’s a helpful beginner’s guide to understand the game and ace it when playing against real players.

Gameplay & Rules

The matching master is played between two players with the same board. The game involves a 100 seconds timer within which the players must match three or more candies of the same color and score points. The players also get eight moves each to match candies and aim for a higher score. At the end of the timer, the player with a higher score wins the game.


The game board contains candies shapes in different colors and shapes. The players must match similar shape and color candies to pop them and make space for more candies. The players take turns to match the color candies and activate boosters and power tools by matching four or more candies. The boosters help the players earn extra points to increase the score drastically. Since each candy carries one point, matching three candies gives the players three points. However, if the players match more than three candies, they get bonus points for activating special powers and boosters.


Tips to Score Higher Points

Playing the match 3 game online with live players can get really challenging. The goal is to score higher points and defeat your opponent. While this fun game is easy to play, a few tricks might work to your advantage. Here are several tips and tricks you can use to score higher points and defeat opponents.


Aim to Match 4 or More Candies

According to the scoring in matching master, you get three points for matching three candies. However, if you match four or more candies, you can score bonus points. When you match four or more candies, special powers and boosters are activated, which reward you with extra points. So, you should aim to match four or more candies to activate special moves and earn a bonus score.

Use Boosters & Power Tools

The match 3 game online features six special power tools and boosters. Using these boosters and special powers by mixing them with other candies will give you extra points. You can also combine two rockets or two bombs to pop multiple candies and increase your score rapidly. Here’s how each booster and power help earn bonus points:

  • Bow and Arrow – When you match six candies of the same color, you get a special power tool called the bow and arrow. The bow and arrow tool pops all the candies in the bottom row, and you earn points.
  • Firecracker – You get a firecracker if you match six candies of the same color. The firecracker booster pops five candies randomly in a plus (+) shape.
  • Bomb – When you match five or more same color candies, a bomb power booster is activated. The bomb pops nine candies in a square and increases the score.
  • Rocket – When you match four or more candies, the rocket booster is activated. The rocket pops a complete row or column of candies and turns them all into the same color.
  • Combining 2 rockets – When you form two rockets, you can also combine them for bonus points. The combination of two rockets pops one row or column completely.
  • Combining 2 bombs – On combining two bombs, you can pop 17 candies at a time and increase your score massively.

Plan at least Two Moves Ahead

Your game strategy should be to plan two moves ahead of your current one for a higher score. Scan the puzzle properly and identify the candies that could be matched in a combination of four or more candies. As you get used to playing the game and gain more experience, identifying, such candies will come naturally to you. Until then, keep looking for bigger combinations even while playing your current turn.

Collect Special Candies to Increase Your Score

During the game, you will be shown some special candies at the top of the board right below the timer. Making combinations by collecting those candies can help you score more. For instance, if a blue candy is shown at the top, try to match the blue candies on the board, and you will be given bonus points.

The match 3 game online is one of the most entertaining puzzle-based arcade games that will keep you hooked for long. If you are new to the game, you must try the practice games to get the hang of the game. You can work on your skills and moves by playing a free game against a live opponent. The above tips and tricks will help you get a higher score in the challenge. Move on to the matching master cash games after practicing with a few games and stand a chance to win exciting rewards by defeating your opponents.