Bethesda To End Bethesda Launcher

Interesting news here. Likely the result of the MS purchase.

Later this year, the Launcher is going to ride off into the Appalachian sunset. When it does, all of our PC players will be able to continue playing Fallout 76, as well as any other games they owned through the Launcher, on Steam. This isn’t happening next week, or even next month, but we wanted to share an early heads-up so that you’re prepared to initiate the account migration process over to Steam starting in April. At that time, we’ll post detailed instructions that will help you move your library to Steam quickly and easily.

You won’t have to worry about losing a thing, either. We’re taking every precaution to ensure your Fallout 76 characters, progression, Atoms, Season progress, cosmetics, rewards, your friends list, and even the Perfectly Preserved Pies you’ve been hoarding, make that journey with you. In addition, your account will remain accessible on our website, and you will still use it to log into and play Fallout 76.