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Published on March 23rd, 2022 | by minshewnetworks


5 Screen Stereotypes About Casinos That Have Nothing to Do With Real Life

The world of gambling as we see it in movies and TV series has little to do with the work of real-life casinos. Read this article to find out the truth!


Dozens of movies and TV shows show us the magic world of gambling. On the screen, a lucky guy would accidentally get inside a brick-and-mortar casino or find a $2 deposit casino on the Internet — and his life will change forever. If you try to repeat in real life what the protagonist of the movie does, you’ll probably get completely different results. In this article, we’ll talk about the most common plot twists and stereotypes related to casinos that have nothing to do with real life.

Casinos Regularly Make People Rich

In fact, it would be rare luck to hit a jackpot in an offline or online gambling club. Millions of people from all over the world gamble more or less regularly. Very few of them manage to win substantial cash prizes.

The World of Gambling Is Backed Up by Mafia

This stereotype might have been true some time ago and in certain parts of the world. But today, gambling is a legal and thoroughly regulated industry. It’s impossible to open a brick-and-mortar casino anywhere you wish. Only selected countries and territories approve of offline gambling. If you want to launch an online casino, you’ll need to get a license nevertheless. Probably, you’ll need to request a license from an offshore territory. You’ll have to provide solid financial guarantees on an international level. Such an approach has nothing to do with the shady casino business that we often see on the screen.

You Can Get Rich If You Rob a Casino

Again, this stereotype might have contained a grain of truth a few decades ago. But today, casinos don’t rely on cash as heavily as before. Just as many other businesses, they mostly use digital funds for financial transactions. If you rob an offline casino, you might be able to steal a large sum of money — but it won’t be as huge as they show in movies. Besides, in the modern world, it’s way too easy to detect the culprit. There are cameras everywhere, people leave a lot of digital footprints, the DNA analysis has become incredibly precise… Robbing an offline casino doesn’t make sense anymore. The risks are much higher than they used to be and you can’t be sure you’ll get a superb reward.

If you manage to hack the site or app of an online casino, you won’t get rich either because casinos don’t keep money right there. They entrust their funds to third-party systems. Gambling platforms employ excellent security tools — and payment systems have even more advanced ones.

Working in a Casino Is a Romantic Job

Some gamblers might think so when playing live dealer games online. Live dealers are young, charming and well-groomed. They always smile and wear stylish clothes. All the staff of brick-and-mortar casinos looks just as fabulous. Nevertheless, it’s work. Dealers need to be highly professional and be able to control their emotions. They follow the instructions that tell them what they can and can’t do. In a movie, you can see, for example, that a sweet dealer lady jumps on a poker table and begins to dance there. In real life, that would be impossible. She’d lose her job within a few seconds. If a dealer loves their work, they genuinely enjoy every minute of it. But this occupation doesn’t give them too much creative freedom.

Working in a Casino Can Serve as an Excellent Social Elevator

Any work that involves meeting people can serve as a good social elevator. In a movie, you might see that a youngster who works in a casino meets a client or a colleague. Thanks to that person, a pivotal moment occurs in their life. They suddenly get rid of all their problems, earn a lot of money, find their true love and fulfill their dreams.

In reality, people who work for online casinos might never meet anyone during their shifts. Do you know how live dealers in online casinos work? Game developers buy or rent premises in countries whose laws have nothing against gambling. They decorate these rooms so that they look like small parts of the casino. We say “small parts” because the developers don’t recreate the full interior of a gambling club. They just place tables there and all the inventory that is necessary for games, such as decks of cards, a roulette or a wheel of fortune. During the shift, dealers don’t interact with real people. They communicate with their clients through the screen but they’re not allowed to flirt with them or exchange contacts. It might be an exciting job but not the one where you can make a lot of new acquaintances every day.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you found this article informative and now you better understand how real-life casinos differ from their screen counterparts. Good luck and have fun!


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