Aliens, Star Trek, Video Games, Movies, And More Skewedcast

Gareth of Skewed and Reviewed is solo on the Skewedcast this week and looks at several aspects of Entertainment news of the week including
The new Alien book looking at the early life of Vasquez from “Aliens”

He also discussed “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” getting a 4K Directors Cut on Paramount +

MST3K has a new season and portal in the works and there is a tease for that and what it means for fans of the hit series.

Far Cry 6 has a Stranger Things crossover event going and Gareth outlines what fans can look forward to.
Wondercon, Star Wars Celebration, and more also get an overview as live conventions return for eager fans.
The segment concludes with news on “MI7” and “MI8” as well as news of a possible “Avatar 2 “ trailer.