Sega And Neamedia Reveal New Sonic Figures

This is likely going to be a big deal for fans and collectors.

SEGA of America has teamed up with Neamedia Icons to create a line of collectible statues. The all-new line of Sonic the Hedgehog statues stand 13-centimeters high and are available to pre-order now for €39.99 in three colors – Classic Sonic, Grey Sonic and Blue Sonic.

The Sonic the Hedgehog collectible statues are inspired by the Blue Blur’s iconic early 90’s aesthetic. Modeled in poses that perfectly embody Sonic’s rebellious but warm character, the statues express all the key character attributes that make Sonic who he is today. With a finger raised, a sassy smirk, and red striped sneakers, this figurine was designed to be timeless, energetic, and full of style.

Retro gaming enthusiasts and fans of his modern adventures have proven that the bluest hedgehog is a lot more than a video game hero, and that he truly deserves his status of a timeless icon – and these statues are a great way for fans to celebrate the occasion.

To pre-order Neamedia Icons’ Sonic the Hedgehog statues, please visit