Does Terra Have The Potential To Be The Biggest Crypto Gainer of 2022?

Though Terra has been suffering from an ongoing crisis, it has still managed to make a record of gigantic 75% growth in just the last week of February. Even during the constant geopolitical war and Bitcoin trading networks of the world on the verge, Terra has made an incredible in the last few months. Regardless of the crypto industry losing US dollars 1 billion in market cap, the Luna token has appeared as a hot bomb when it comes to performance. It has shown a massive 75% growth in February. It is also predicted that the achievements are going to increase in the upcoming months.


What Is Terra?


Terra is known as a programmable blockchain that was created to disrupt the decentralized financial circle. Terra and Luna are the two crypto assets that are being promoted by the Platform. Terra comes under the category of stablecoin which is linked to the US dollar while on the other hand, Luna works to improve the stability issues.


The platform offers extraordinary features where the Terra tokens are allowed to be interchanged into Luna when Terra peaks in price and crosses the US $1. With time, this helps in enhancing the flow as well as reducing the price range and leading towards more viability.


This stablecoin has outdone others in a variety of parameters like just one month, week, and a day timeline. If we see the records of February alone, the price of Terra has lifted by 115% and at the same time, Bitcoin and Ethereum were recorded at 12.23% and 9% growth rates. And so, the experts and analysts have offered a result that Luna could emerge as one of the biggest crypto assets of the year 2022.


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Did Terra Overtake Ethereum?


After Bitcoin, if any cryptocurrency is considered best, that is Ethereum. Ethereum is counted as a huge staking crypto asset in the crypto market. But the time is changing now. The amazing price rise in the past few months has made LUNA the second biggest stake currency. This stablecoin took over the position of Ethereum. At present, the total worth of LUNA is around US $30 billion while on the other hand, Ethereum stands at $27.5 billion.

In simpler words, the astonishing functions and features of Terra and its system have left the investors of cryptocurrency in awe. As per the experts and professionals, LUNA might receive huge growth this year.


What Are The Risks Of the Terra Crypto Project?


First of all, all the experts of finances always advise about investing the amount you can only afford to lose if things go wrong. There are various risks in investing in all cryptocurrencies. The probability of big price fluctuations should be researched and considered before putting in your money.


Now coming to Luna particularly, the superior risk is that investors could become the target of major losses if the stablecoins of Terra are incapable to hold their linked currencies. Luna works as a sort of instability absorption mechanism for all stablecoins of Terra. It is more likely that the performance of Luna depends upon Terra’s stablecoins.


However, the stablecoin of Terra involves currencies that are pegged by the US dollar and are now performing up to the mark. Though it is impossible to fully predict the future performance of such digital assets and if they will be capable of surviving high-level unpredictability or a bear market. What’s more, is, all investors need to be fully aware and alert of all sorts of supervisory problems within the protocol of crypto projects.


The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is investigating Terraform Lab at present to check if it is selling any sort of unregistered securities. This order is fully related to the Mirror Protocol of Terraform which deals with synthetic versions of stock and not the protocol of Terra itself.




To date, what analysts and experts are stating is that it is still too early for Terra but it will not be wrong to say that this crypto project is quite fascinating. Just before making any type of investment make sure to learn about the crypto asset properly.