BEAST Delivers

Beast is a story about family reconnection gone wrong. Nate Samuels, (Idris Elba) a medical doctor and his two teenage daughters Mer and Norah (Iyana Halley and Leah Sava’ Jeffries)visit their recently deceased mother’s village in South Africa in the hopes to bring the family
closer together.

Once in South Africa the family is reunited with family friend Uncle Martin(Sharlto Copley) who works on the animal reserve in the village and specializes in lion care. On a safari tour the family is hunted by a rogue lion whose pride was poached the night before who is set to get his revenge from all humankind.

The film felt like a Cujo the Lion Universal studios 3D Jeep ride where the camera was all over the place and you have weird commentary in the background. The story did shed some more light onto the ever growing poaching game but was really about a father’s internal redemption to
save his once lost family.

Review by Jordan Wolter.