Baby Oopsie Is True Full Moon Camp

Greetings & Salutations Everyone,

I hope you all continue to be well. Prepare to be freaked out though. The movie I have the good fortune to share with you today will certainly be a worthy candidate for the latenight horror category of your movie archive/cue. Before you ask … Yes … it is another selection from ‘Full Moon Features’ and I’m pleased to say they have turned themselves back around and are now back on their original course of B-movie macabre films that will creep you the hell out as any horror movie should without the train wrecks common with big-budget horror films that honestly don’t know how to spend their budgets properly.

Written and directed by William Butler, the film stars Libbie Higgins, Justin Armistead, Joseph Huebner, Lynne Acton McPherson, Josephine Bullock, Marilyn Bass, and Shamecka Nelson.

Sybil Pittman (Higgins) is a quiet, gentle individual who tries to go about life but is constantly bullied by her abusive stepmother, her boss as well as her co-workers, and the kids of her neighborhood. Her only solace is restoring and collecting vintage and antique dolls or talking about on them on her vlog. One day however, her innocent hobby puts the world in mortal danger when she mistakenly repairs a doll possessed by a demonic soul whose goal is to kill anyone and everyone and plunge the world into eternal darkness. Oh and don’t forget the evil toy company trying to con her by promising her a deal to bring her vlog to a large audience and and market two new dolls designed by her and scam her out of the profits. If you guessed that these dolls pledged themselves to darkness too? Well, you’ll just have to watch the movie and find out.

Now there’s no elaborate plot. It’s a horror movie with a premise with a bit of a mystery to solve and a well-executed one. (Pun intended and not intended). This movie is the kind of content that ‘Full Moon Features’ has been known for in the past and dispenses with a previous direction their movies seemed to be going for a while. They came back and took on the ‘demonic toys concept’. Has it been done before? Yes. Not like this though and they did an excellent job. ‘Baby Oopsie’ is scary, disturbing, and you can’t look away. It has a 70 minute run but it’s broken down into chapters and is currently available on Amazon Prime. I’d give it 2 1/2 out of 4 stars. It’s a great film for late nights or Halloween parties.