Cars On The Road Is Pixar At Their Best

The lovable misfits from the “Cars” franchise are back with “Cars on theRoad” which is some of Pixar’s best work in recent years and provides aa welcome return to the franchise.Consisting of nine episodes of roughly nine minutes each, the episodeschronicle a road trip was taken by Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) and Mater(Larry the Cable Guy” as they travel to visit Mater’s sister who is aboutto get married.Each episode packs a solid amount of laughs, nostalgia, and adventure intoeach episode as the duo visit a haunted hotel, a circus, a park, touristsattractions and more as they meet all sorts of new and fun charactersalong the way.The animation is first-rate and unlike some of the films in the seriesthat while charming seemed to drag on a bit at times, this new format isan interesting way of presenting a nearly 90-minute film is easy to enjoysegments.From the fun adventures and great characters, there is plenty of gas inthe tank for the franchise and I look forward to seeing what is comingnext.