Pinocchio Updates The Animated Classic For The CGI Era

The live-action version of the timeless Disney animated classic“Pinocchio” has arrived on Disney+ for Disney+ day. With a reported budgetof $150.00 million and Tom Hanks and Robert Zemeckis attached, this hasbeen a highly anticipated project.As anyone who has seen the animated version or any of the numerousinterpretations of the original story know Geppetto (Tom Hanks) carves awooden puppet which he names Pinocchio which in turn comes to life afterbeing visited by the Blue Fairy (Cynthia Erivo). The Blue fairy alsotasks Jiminy Cricket (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) with being a conscience forPinocchio is sent off to school by the Geppetto.Naturally, things do not go as planned, and seeing money in a puppet withoutstrings, the naive Pinocchio is exploited but does make a new friend alongthe way.His adventures eventually take him to Pleasure Island which is anamusement area for wayward individuals which is a series of dazzling CGIenhanced effects which will capture the attention of younger viewers.The film takes a tonal change at this point as it did become a bit lesscharming and more CGI-focused as Pinocchio gets into one situation afteranother and over-the-top encounter with Monstro might be a bit intensefor children and a bit overdone for fans of the classic.Director Robert Zemeckis attempts to find a balance between charm,nostalgia, and updating the classic, and he mostly succeeds in thisespecially early in the film although some long-time fans may notappreciate the abundance of visual FX in the end or some of the newcharacters and changes.In the end, the film hits the target the core audience and should proveto be another hit for the studio.4 stars out of 5.