How to Explain the Mobile Tendencies for Online Casinos in Canada

There is a definite tendency towards the use of a mobile phone to play online casinos in Canada. Many different reasons explain this phenomenon and we will go through them in this article. If you are looking for the best online casinos to play on your mobile, comparative platforms are where you should look for them.

Mobile Phones: The Most Used Device to Play Online Casinos

We could imagine that since the screen of the mobile phone is smaller than the one on the tablet or on a computer, it would be less interesting to play online games on it. Well, it certainly isn’t the case when it comes to online casino games, as they are becoming more popular on mobile phones than on any other devices. If you are looking for an online casino in Canada that you can play on your mobile, you can find the best online casinos available on mobile according to Casimoose, a comparative platform specializing in Canadian online casinos.

Here are some of the reasons why mobile phones are becoming the No 1 device on which to play online casino games:


Sometimes numbers are all that matter. Just as a comparison, in 2019 there were 1.37 billion smartphones sold in the world compared to only 144.10 million tablets. That is almost ten times more. This statistics makes it evident that there are more people that can enter an online casino through their phone than through a tablet.


And so, we find ourselves in a situation of “the chicken or the egg” first? Naturally, if there are so many more mobile phones, developers focus their games more towards that public. It only makes sense since their goal is to try to reach as many people as possible.


If you were to play a game, would you rather hold the weight of a tablet or of your phone? Yes, this may seem obvious, but it is an important factor. You may ask why we are not thinking of the PC, but the truth is the only comparable is the tablet. You would not be walking around the house with your PC in your hands, right? Even less on the subway or the bus… Therefore, what would you prefer to play on: Your tablet or your phone? That is why the size and the weight matters…

Though there are more reasons for this tendency, we think you get the point, right?