Online Casino: Learning About the Casino Management System



A lot is known of what goes on within a casino. A variety of games of offered for the amusement of members and players are given the chance to win real money through the hundreds of titles presented within.

Despite the popularity of online casinos, very little is known beyond this surface of gaming, sure we know there is more to this with banking features, customer support, and promotional rewards, but what really lies beneath all of this, within the system of the casino?

This article looks to explore this unseen world of digitalised gambling and will present just how the functions of the corporate system works.

The house may always win, and we will attempt to explain how this is possible and what chance you really have of landing a big win from the casinos online.


Presenting all there is to know about you

It starts and ends with the casino management system (CMS). In its simplest form, it is a database or hub to store information regarding you and the casino. It sounds all very Big Brother and it is to a degree. The CMS is something all players should know of but frankly, they do not know of its existence.

The CMS tool is within all casinos, many developers produce various forms of them, all aimed at completing the same functions, but depending on the developer, depends on how the information is stored, protected, and made accessible.

The developers in the case of the CMS are often those that make the games, which is vital in understanding from a player’s perspective of how the whole system or casino operates.

Casinos online are a huge business, there is much to be noted and logged and given these are global entities that service hundreds of thousands of players, a CMS is of vital importance.

It needs to record on a personal level of a player, what games they play, how often they are gambling for, how much money they deposit and what offers in terms of bonuses can be presented to suit their gaming requirements. Sites do have a legal requirement to serve in the best interests of the players and a CMS tool carries this out across all levels.

If you are gambling too much on that blackjack game, it will be flagged for the casino to send out automated notification offering to use their responsible gambling tools.


The role of the complex system

So, what does this management tool do? Well, it is there to coordinate the entire casino, it both regulates and organizes the services and features that get used day-to-day. The CMS is there to be an efficient tool that works as effectively as it can to run the entirety of the website. Without it, the casino will not be able to function. It controls it all, from security to gaming fairness.

We spoke with Orla Byrne, Editor-in-Chief at to discuss why so little is known about the CMS amongst casino users and how they reassure the users of their Irish targeted site.

“Understanding the systems that casinos use is complicated. It can on one hand look like another corporate, all-seeing-eye that takes lots of data on you and controls everything. It can be instantly off-putting to learn of it but, within those finer details, you find the essential role it has as a tool that is relied upon to run and look after an online casino with thousands of members.

We make a point to mention to our Irish members that use our site that casinos are huge on safety and they meet all the legal regulations that put the interests of the players first and by law. It is far easier to reassure them this way than having to explain then there is a software system in place that will track all your movements within the casino.”


Functions of the CMS

The function of this CMS that works 24/7 is now a fully AI system that allows for smarter and faster management. Its roles are various. From a software perspective, it works in tandem with the gaming, so you have your gaming developers like NetEnt, Microgaming, and Playtech. Should any of their gaming features crash and suffer unforeseen bugs, then the CMS can highlight the gaming faults and terminate the gaming function, so players aren’t able to spend their money on what are broken games.

The CMS acts as a secure database that looks after centralized data regarding the player’s data. It will oversee the financial aspects of the casino and has player monitored movement throughout the casino.

A benefit to the player also comes in the form of free bonus offers that allow players to make bets with either free spins or cash credit. The free bet bonuses are tailored to your favourite games, so if you like betting on baccarat, your bonuses will be only for baccarat. If you like roulette and mostly play this game, then you will receive roulette bonuses.

Because the functions of the CMS are attributed to all that is within the casino, it should be of no surprise that the slots, sports betting platforms, and the live dealer table and card games are all wired to this system. It will review what you play and how long for. Not forgetting that you will find that some casinos offer the chance of live poker tournaments that require you to download a separate gaming platform that connects players to an external server. So, playing in these top live poker games will require this level of protection.

Other key operational functions include:

  • Player tracking
  • Cashless functions
  • Chief banking security
  • Cash exchanges
  • System supervision
  • Promotions
  • Player management
  • Slot accounting
  • Interface state
  • Communications

The options a casino has when these things are built with bespoke specifications are endless. Popular developers include Playtech, NextGen, and SoftGamings, to name a few. They make the video games, the mobile casino apps, and run the entire casino. If you’re in Italy, there’s even more gambling options available. To find all the gaming options available without AAMS in Italy, visit

How does knowing this help you?

So, how does this all benefit you? Well, for one, now that you have read this, you can now play online inside your preferred casino and play with confidence that there is a CMS that is looking after you and making sure the games you play are secure and working fairly.

The CMS tool was built with the very best intentions of service the players and the casino with security, smoothness, and reliability across all sectors every second that passes. The data stored can affect what you win and when you win as the CMS is tied in with the gaming algorithms, but this is an entirely different matter for another article to cover.