Clerks III Is One Of Kevin Smith’s Best Films In Years

Writer/Director Kevin Smith has returned to where his career started with

Tthe latest chapter of the “Clerks saga. In “Clerks III” audiences find Randal (Jeff Anderson) and Dante (Brian O’Halloran) working away at the convenience store which they now own.
Dante is still dealing with the loss of his wife and child and goes through life as a beaten man who does not find much joy in his daily
Stoners Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob, (Kevin Smith) have set up a legal Marijuana store next to them in the old video store and conduct business on the sly as despite being legal now, this was how they did things back in the 90s.

Things change when Randall suffers a massive heart attack and decides that
he needs to do something with his life and begins to make a movie about
their life at the store which naturally and cleverly refreshes moments from the first two films.

This seems like a great plan until tensions mount for Dante due to ghosts from his past being recalled which sets the stage for a moving and emotional final act.

While the film does have some raunchy humor and plenty of very funny “Star Wars” jokes and references, this is clearly a more mature Kevin Smith at the helm and one who is clearly influenced by his health scare from a few years ago.
The characters now deal with topics about life, loss, growing older, and adjusting in ways that would not normally be found in one of his films and he handles the infusion of mature topics well without losing or overdoing his trademark humor which has defined much of his work.

While the humor at times may take a back seat to the more serious themes
of the film, the movie is an enjoyable return to the characters and Smith’s best work in years and a must see for fans.

4 stars out of 5