“Confess, Fletch” Is An Enjoyable Return For The Character

Fletch is back with Jon Hamm taking over for Chevy Chase as the
wise-cracking reporter returns in “Confess, Fletch”.

Based on the book of the same name, Fletch finds himself the central
figure in a murder investigation when he returns from Italy to stay as a
house guests in a home that comes with everything including a body.

Fletch has given up his investigative reporter routine for a life of
Freelance writing but finds himself tasked to find some valuable and
missing artwork that his girlfriend believes was stolen from her father
who has since been kidnapped.

Combined with the murder mystery he is presented with, Fletch soon falls
back to his old ways to clear his name and resolve the issues even if it
means verbally sparring with the police, his old boss (John Slatterly) and
anyone he encounters along the way.

The cast has some very quirky characters and all of whom may be more than
they seem to be as time is ticking away for Fletch to solve the art heist
and clear his name.

The new take on the character does not have the frequent disguises and
slapstick that were trademarks of Chase’s version of the character, the
wisecracks are still there in a very subtle and dry way and Hamm seems to really be enjoying himself in the role.

While segments do at times drag, the cast and premise hold enough interest
to make it an enjoyable watch and with the film getting a limited
theatrical release and a VOD and Cable release, this is a great way to
relax and have a fun time catching up with the character and hopefully
audiences will not have to wait as long for the next cinematic outing for
the character.

3 stars out of 5