Knott’s Scary Farm 2022 Delivers Amazing Mazes, Scares, Shows, And More

With the arrival of Fall, it is time for the arrival of Haunted Attractions at theme parks all over the world.

Knott’s Berry Farm has started their not to be missed seasonal Knott’s Scary Farm event which is celebrating its 49th year of the event.

After checking in, assembled media and VIPs were taken just outside the gates of Ghostrider for 30-minute early access to four of the mazes. The anticipation grew as we waited by the decorated gates and were given a haunting soundtrack to set the mood.

Once the gates opened, the excitement and energy went into overdrive as we made our way to the maze area and found a motley gang of creatures lined up and waiting for us who promptly came right at the oncoming group before dispersing into the crowd to offer scares to anyone who crossed their paths.

My first maze was the brand new Bloodline 1842 maze which requires guests to arm themselves with a provided rifle and head into a Vampire laden labyrinth. From the Steampunk and Gothic mix of traditional and technology, the visuals of the maze were great fun and the highly-detailed sets and solid performances really made this not only a great place to start but a highlight.

I then took in returning classics such as Dark Entities which centered on an Alien infestation and came with robots, aliens, and detailed sets.

Wax Works was up next and the detail level never ceases to amaze as guests entered a nightmare land of wax creatures and more.

The Depths was my next stop and from tentacle-laden creatures and more, this one always delivers plenty of atmosphere and visuals and scares.

Mazes were not the only thing taking place and I made sure to enjoy several rides during my stay and took in some of the many seasonal shopping and culinary options that were available. I have to say that riding the Pony Express in the dark was a really fun evening and enjoying the Calico Mine ride and Log Ride with their Halloween themes was a treat not to be missed.

The ability to take in the various Scare Zones is always a delight and the Gore-ing 20s was even more amazing than last year as I got to enjoy a band playing along during my second trip through the zone as well as multiple ghouls interacting with delighted guests.

Returning to the mazes had me venture to the other new attraction Grimoire. This cleverly designed maze starts with campers opening and reading a mystical book and guests soon enter a tent to emerge into various zones from the trenches of WWI to other scary eras of old.

I also made sure to visit Origins: The Curse of Calico which tells the tale of how the area around the attraction became haunted with a great mix of Western-themed sets and visuals.

With it being planned for retirement, Dark Ride was up next as like my experience with it previously, I loved the clever theme of an old Carnival ride that has become a haven for all manner of dangerous individuals and how detailed the sets and costumes are as well as the performances.

Next up was Mesmer: Sideshow of the mind and like last year, I loved the mix of animation, visuals, and theme as a magician takes guests on a journey through his tormented mind.

After a few more rides I made my way to Pumpkin Eater by passing through the very dark and monster-laden area which is usually Camp Snoopy to take in another classic as guests ventured into the twisted land of the Pumpkin Eater and the giant Pumpkin within.

After taking in the mazes and several rides, I made sure to take in some of the shows even though it meant taking my chances with the clowns of Carnevil who walked the Boardwalk. Carnaval du Grotesque was an amazing mix of acts and performances which delighted the assembled guests and is not to be missed.

Fans of the classic Bird Cage Theater will want to see Conjures- Dark Magic for an enjoyably fun performance that is pure Halloween Magic.

The Puppet Up! Uncensored show is also great fun for adults and is not to be missed as the very enjoyable show as a highlight performance.

Knott’s does have a chaperone policy in place so make sure that you are aware of this before planning your visit and I highly suggest getting the Fast Lane pass as being able to skip the lines for the mazes and various attractions was a real plus as I did not have to wait more than a couple of minutes for anything the entire night which allowed me plenty of time to enjoy my evening and the attractions and entertainment.

There are also various dining options to consider as the Boo-fet which also includes and early-access to the event.

Knott’s Scary Farm takes place on select nights through Halloween and does sell out so you will want to make sure you check Halloween Events & Activities | Los Angeles, CA | Knott’s Scary Farm ( for tickets and more information.

For those with younger guests, Knott’s Spooky Farm is an ideal visit and you can get more details below.

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I also suggest using the app for the event as it helps with navigation and show times to make the most of your visit.

Knott’s Scary Farm 2022 is once again a premium Halloween experience and one of the best seasonal attractions anywhere and not to be missed. I cannot wait to see what they have for us next year.

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