Oogie Boogie Bash 2022

As the calendar turns to Fall, the weather begins to cool, and the signs ofthe changing of the seasons begin to appear.One such sign of Fall is the arrival of Halloween-themed attractions andrecently we visited the Oogie Boogie Bash at Disney’s CaliforniaAdventure.I experienced Halloween time at the park a few years ago at Disneylandbut this was our first time experiencing the new event at Disney’sCalifornia Adventure as our schedule at this time of year often made itdifficult to get away for extra days to add the event to our coverage.Thankfully as we were already in town to cover the D23 Expo, the offer ofa D23 Gold member night with a reduced capacity made it very appealing andwe set over to the park after a day of covering the expo with ourour Granddaughter joining us.Since our Granddaughter had been to Disneyland but not Disney’s CaliforniaAdventure, we took advantage of the afternoon early check-in to tour thepark with her before the activities began which allowed us to see the parkduring the day and enjoy catching up with old favorites as well as seeingthe new Avengers Campus for the first time.At 6:00 PM, guests who did not have a wristband for the event had to leavethe park and the magical transformation took place. Our first clue was thethe arrival of Sid from Toy Story who entertained the crowd as they lined upalong Pixar Pier to get candy and other treats from one of the many TreatStations that were around the park.Guests could enjoy a multitude of events ranging from character photoopportunities to enjoy the great Halloween decorations and themed foodand drink as well as special ticketed events such as a Dessert tasting.One of the more popular attractions was the Villains Trail which drew athe long line even with the reduced crowd size. Since this was my first timevisiting since it opened, I took advantage of the smaller crowd toexperience Spider-Man Web Slingers and was very happy to see the linewhich had been upwards of 60-minutes earlier and was now less than 25-minutes.I enjoyed the new attraction complete with holographic Tom Holland as wewere given a briefing before donning our 3D glasses and loading into avehicle to track down robotic spiders. The ability to sling webs simply byflicking your wrists was amazing and I was happy to see I had the secondthe highest score of our group which I counted as a victory considering it wasmy first time at the attraction.We made sure to take in Car’s Land and the great food, attractions, anddecorations during our stay and also noted the many shows and events thatwere taking place. Naturally, with our Granddaughter along, we also visitedmany of the shops and sampled several treats as it was all part of thememorable experience.We took in the parade which offered several themed floats, dancers, andcharacters from The Haunted Mansion, “Sleeping Beauty”, “The Princess andthe Frog”, and “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. Any concerns we hadabout it possibly being too intense or scary for our Granddaughter wereeliminated as she was utterly captivated by the show and loved everymoment; almost as much as her meeting with Minnie Mouse earlier in the daywhich she is still talking about days later.I was glad that we were able to take in attractions and shows before theHalloween entertainment started as there were so many new things to seeand do and even just walking around to take in the sites and sounds of thethe evening was rewarding in and of itself.The event has already sold out for the 2022 season but left a very goodthe impression upon us that we are already looking forward to a future visitas it was a day and evening filled with fun and memories that we willcherish.