Dying Light 2 Reveals Pending Dying2Know For Blood Ties

Looks like more great stuff is coming.

With Dying Light 2 Stay Human’s first story-driven DLC just around the corner, a brand new episode of Dying2Know, debuting November 6, 2022, will bring a horde of new information and the exclusive premiere of Bloody Ties’ launch Dying2Know about the Carnage Hall.

Tune in November 6 (Noon Pacific / 9 PM CET) to the official Techland Twitch channel to check out the newest episode of our behind-the-scenes web series! After the show, replay all the exciting content on the official Dying Light YouTube channel.
The spectacle will be hosted by the amazing Leah Alexandra and feature special guests including Anna Krzemień (Concept Artist), Piotr Szymanek (Narrative Director), and Tymon Smektała (Dying Light Franchise Director), who will unveil more details about the upcoming DLC, such as the inspiration behind the Carnage Hall and what Carnage Manica” is (and why you absolutely want to possess it!).

Bloody Ties’ second Moreover, the newest episode of Dying2Know will also include an exclusive first look at the launch trailer for Bloody Ties. Are you ready to step inside Carnage Hall to fight for fame and glory?

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