The Best Free-to-Play Games This Year

There’s no shortage of games to play, even if you’re on a budget. But it can be hard to find the best free-to-play games that are worth your time.There are always going to be the classics, like spider solitaire or minesweeper, but these classics aren’t as fun as the games that you can play with others online sometimes. Solo games are great, but if you want to play something more collaborative, then branching out is a must!

In this post, we’ll go over some of the best free-to-download games from this year so far!

1. Zombie Shooter 2

Zombie Shooter 2 is a free online shooting game. The gameplay consists of three different modes: campaign, survival, and gun stand.

The first mode has players complete missions while trying to survive waves of zombies with their arsenal of powerful weapons. Survival mode is similar to the campaign but without any objectives or cutscenes; it’s just you against an endless horde of zombies until you die (or get bored). Gun Stand mode is PvP where players can choose one out of seven maps and try to kill each other before dying.

Over 60 weapons are available in this game including assault rifles, sniper rifles, and shotguns. Each weapon has its own unique stats such as damage per second, fire rate, etc. There are also special gadgets like battle drones and radar which help you spot enemies from afar.

2. A-Gents

A-Gents is a game where you can choose from 6 playable highly trained operatives or bounty hunter characters. You will be taking over militia compounds from across the globe, looting a variety of goodies from your enemies, and participating in special missions to save the world. The game contains 30 levels divided into 6 episodes for endless action and fun!

3. Fast or Dead

Fast or Dead is a shooter and racing game available for free online. It’s a post-apocalyptic open-world adventure that has you fighting for your life in the wastelands of Earth. The concept is simple: survive!

You’ll need to choose your vehicle, and make your way through the wasteland completing missions as you go. As you complete missions, you’ll earn money which allows you to upgrade your car with cool add-ons such as paint jobs, mechanic upgrades, and more! With advanced 3D graphics for an immersive experience (and tons of fun), this game offers endless hours of entertainment while giving a new twist on classic runner games.

4. City Racing

When it comes to free racing games, City Racing is one of the best. It has incredible graphics and a lot of cars to choose from. You can participate in street races, explore the city, or pick up taxi fares. Upgrade your car with a variety of customizable options to beat out your opponents and bring home the gold. It also features a multiplayer mode that allows you to compete with other players from around the world.

5. Fire and Forget

Fire and Forget is one the best free-to-play shooting games out right now. Hit the road and obliterate your enemies to protect the peace in this futuristic landscape.

In the game, you must take down enemy car-ships either on the ground or in the air. You’re able to switch between dual canons or a guided rocket launcher to eliminate enemies and grow your ultimate score. But be careful and watch out for obstacles and enemy blasts!

With 10 challenging levels and over 100 enemies in each one, you’ll never be bored with Fire And Forget! Customize and upgrade your ride with stunning skins, and cool add-ons so you can blast off into battle!

6. Far Kingdoms Winter Solitaire

If you’re looking for a strategic yet fun card game that is quick and easy to play, Far Kingdoms Winter Solitaire is the perfect game for you. In this free-to-play game, you are Princess Ariana’s last hope to save her kingdom from freezing over by wielding magic cards. The gameplay consists of hidden object puzzles mixed with solitaire gameplay, making it fun for everyone!

Do you have what it takes to save your kingdom?

7. Snail Bob 2

Snail Bob 2 is the perfect game for people who like strategy, puzzles, and physics. It’s a fun, casual game where you help Bob the snail reach his home by overcoming obstacles, avoiding deadly traps, and more.

The game has over 120 levels across 4 different worlds that offer tons of gameplay and exciting adventures for you to enjoy. You can play with your friends and family, or against them in multiplayer mode.

8. The Spell

The Spell is a match 3 puzzle game where you have to build towers and cast spells in order to defend yourself against the evil witch who has placed a spell on the town. You can unlock new spells as you progress through the game, but be careful not to use them too soon! Do you have what it takes to escape the evil witch?

The game has over 96 levels and hidden object mini-games for increased gameplay. There are also challenges that let players compete against each other on Facebook or Google+.

Where to Find the Best Free-To-Play Games

There are a lot of free online games on the market these days, each with its own unique gaming style. Whether you want something lighthearted and silly or something more serious and strategic, there is definitely something for everyone!

Our list of these 8 free-to-play games will keep you entertained for hours on end. For access to over 1000 free pc games, visit Gametop!