Top 5 Romantic Hotels in Miami


Miami is one of those versatile destinations where everyone can have a lot of fun. Amazing sandy beaches, turquoise water, exciting nightlife, and a world-class food scene to do make this a popular place for single travelers as well as family holidays. However, let’s not forget that Miami is a romantic city as well. Is perfect for couples who want to spend their honeymoon here, but also for others who want to bring a dose of excitement and refresh their relationship. Apart from choosing a romantic city, make sure you choose the hotel that will complete the romantic experience for you two. Here’s the list of the top 5 romantic hotels in Miami you should check out and surprise your loved one with a date and a booking confirmation.

Importance of romantic getaways for couples

Newlyweds will love it here, but even if you’re not just married you should think about a weekend getaway with your partner. Such experiences have multiple benefits for your relationship and can be a great support in our busy lives where we’re surrounded by technology. Weekend getaways to an exciting city such as Miami are great for:

  • Spending more quality time together and building or regaining intimacy
  • Strengthening relationships and making some new memories
  • Having an opportunity to talk about things you wouldn’t normally talk about, with all the interruptions and pressures of everyday life and work;
  • Getting away from the daily grind and relaxing;
  • Reviving the bedroom spark, as passion can e hard to maintain with all the responsibilities related to kids, home, and your jobs.

Going away for a few days in a city such as Miami will surely be a romantic adventure. Now let’s see what hotels you should consider for this trip, that will give you the ultimate romantic experience.

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Have some time off for each other.

Mondrian South Beach Hotel

Located just a few minutes away from the beach, this hotel promises stunning waterfront views, as well as breathtaking city views. Mondrian South Beach Hotel is an upscale hotel known for its modern décor style and exclusive amenities. There’s a luxe spa, 24/7 room service, gym, outdoor lounge, and a bayside pool. Their concierge team will be happy to do any special romantic requests so you might surprise your loved one.

Mandarin Oriental

This hotel is located on the prestigious Brickell Key, which tells enough about its exclusivity. It’s one of the Mandarin Oriental’s exclusive worldwide locations and offers a whole new level of your stay. This hotel includes a five-star holistic spa, world-class restaurants, spacious, elegant rooms, and an infinity edge pool – everything you need for a romantic, Asian-style serene experience. Couples who visit this hotel enjoy a unique stay in a great Miami location, having easy access to all the parts of the city.

Relax together in a romantic hotel in Miami.

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The Setai

One of the romantic hotels in Miami is surely the Setai, an exclusive hotel in a secluded location, yet still close to everything else in Miami. Staying at this hotel is the closest you can get to being in a tropical paradise. Surrounded by palms and Asian-style décor, this hotel offers some breathtaking views and the most romantic sunsets. Couples can enjoy the pool, exclusive access to Miami Beach, and a beautiful beach lounge where you can relax all day long with your loved one. The hotel combines Asian hospitality and luxurious comfort and services, so it’s surely one of the top picks when it comes to exclusive stays in Miami.

Sunset, water and palms – can it get any better?

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Acqualina Resort & Spa

With more Italian-villa feel, Acqualina Resort and Spa is a great choice for those who love to enjoy nature, super-comfortable rooms, and breathtaking views. This hotel offers a secluded world of luxury with three swimming pools, Finnish saunas, an exclusive spa, and other facilities that will make your stay perfect. It’s located between Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale and presents a refreshing dose of Mediterranean both you will enjoy.

Casa Tua Hotel

This hotel is something a bit different from our previous options. Located in South Beach, this hotel is perfect for those looking for privacy and a feeling of being at home. There are a couple of rooms decorated in different styles, but all of them are cozy and Mediterranean-like. Even though it’s conveniently located in the city, this hotel is surrounded by greenery and offers the ultimate romantic ambiance. Its owners put their hearts into making this place your second home, so you can only expect comfort, warmth, and coziness. Its outdoor romantic restaurants are a common date location for local couples, so if you want to settle in here – we get it! Visiting Miami for a romantic getaway can be an opportunity to explore your favorite parts of the city and start planning a move to this amazing city.

Can Miami be your next home?

Absolutely. Florida is one of the most popular locations for people who want to move, and Miami is surely one of the most common options. Couples who spent their honeymoon here often decide to make Miami their new home. However, you should take this move seriously, as relocations can be less sweet than your honeymoon and cause you trouble if you’re not careful.

Make sure you explore housing options and pick the one that suits your lifestyle and budget. Both renting and buying a place in Miami have their pros and cons, so be sure to evaluate the situation well before you make the choice.

Another thing you shouldn’t do in a hurry is choosing the best moving team for your move. Pro Movers Miami reminds you there are plenty of more and less reliable options in the area, so it’s important to do research and get recommendations. This will ensure you pick a trustworthy, professional team you can trust with your household.

Finally, pack well. The same way you pack for staying in one of the romantic hotels in Miami, adjust your wardrobe and other items to the place you’re coming to. And that’s sunny and hot Florida’s sun. Depending on where you’re coming home from, packing for a move can involve serious decluttering and adaptation of your wardrobe.

Meta: Consider these 5 romantic hotels in Miami for your upcoming stay in the Magic City. Choose a romantic place where you and your partner can rewind and enjoy some alone time.