The EWin Flash XL Ergonomic Gaming Chair Is A Must-Own For Gamers

(Updated) we have added a second chair to the review and the same results applied. It is a top-notch chair and one that provides comfort, support, and durability.

The EWin Flash XL Ergonomic Gaming Chair Is A Must-Own For Gamers


Over the course of my gaming coverage, I am able to experience many gaming chairs at shows ranging from CES to PAX and even E3. As any gamer will tell you having a sturdy and comfortable gaming chair is a vital part of the gaming experience as being seated for extended gameplay sessions can become uncomfortable without proper support.
Recently I reviewed the EWin Flash XL Size Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chair with Pillows – FLC and found it to be not only very sturdy but one of the most comfortable gaming chairs I have ever experienced.


From the start, it was clear this was a quality product as the pieces were very sturdy and I could tell that the seams and stitching on the chair were very durable. My wife noted a pair of white cotton gloves were included for assembly which made unpacking, grasping, and construction a very easy experience.


Once assembly was completed it was abundantly clear that this was a heavy-duty gaming chair and one that would be a constant part of our gaming experience.

Since we had two assembled chairs already in place in our home office we opted to make the new EwinRacing gaming chair part of our PSVR2 experience and also for helping my wife with her back issues during gaming and television sessions. The chair has amazing lumbar support and easily adjusts to find a comfortable setting for all users.

Once in place, we tested the chair on numerous PSVR2 games and had multiple users try it over several days as we had relatives visiting and all who experienced the chair found it to be comfortable and a benefit to their gaming experience.

Gaming is not the only benefit to the chair as the comfortable design and support make it ideal as an office gaming chair as well as it has worked well when we have taken a break from gaming to write, post, and create content for the website and magazine, as well as radio.

In the end, the chair is very impressive and we look forward to future gaming sessions secure in the knowledge that our backs and bodies will be in great hands.

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