Funko Reveals Four New Indiana Jones Games

The Indiana Jones news is starting to roll in today.

Funko Games, the award-winning tabletop gaming studio, today announced four brand-new games inspired by the classic Indiana Jones films, developed in collaboration with Lucasfilm.

Games out today, April 10 include:

  • Indiana Jones Cryptic – The first entry in an innovative new interactive mystery game line of “Puzzles and Pathways Adventures” from Funko Games, featuring three distinct storylines based on the first three films

  • Indiana Jones: Throw Me the Idol! – A high-energy, team-based party game featuring heart-pounding physical action and card play

  • Something Wild!: Indiana Jones – The latest entry in Funko Games’ hit casual card game series; comes with a unique Indiana Jones-themed Pocket Pop! game piece


Out June 18:

  • Indiana Jones: Sands of Adventure – An immersive, fast-paced strategy game where fans can play as Indiana Jones, Sallah, Marion Ravenwood, and Marcus Brody in a timed battle against their greatest enemies