My Phoenix Fan Fusion 2023 Panel Schedule

My panel schedules are set and I can now share the details.

Check my IMDB link as well for my recent film and game work.



Movies of 2024-2026 Will be on Friday June 2nd from 3-4 in rooms N131 ABC

Upcoming Video Games and Tech will be on Saturday June 3rd from Noon to
One in N131 ABC News

Upcoming Television shows and news will be on Sunday June 4th from Noon to
One in N131 ABC.

I will have my booth outside the room each day with a huge amount of stuff
raising funds for charity and doing the charity drawing as well.

I hope to see you all there as while last year was nice; it has been too
long since we had our usual panel and tables with everyone.

We have a big selection of items saved from the past few years when we did not have a show/table so our table for charity will be outside the panel room each day but here are some who have added to the options for 2023.

Gentle Giant/Diamond Select Toys