Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge – Enhanced Edition Is A Must-Own For PSVR2 Owners

Star Wars fans who have jumped on the awesome new PSVR2 can now enjoy the thrills of Star Wars with Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge – Enhanced Edition

Playing as a member of a crew, things go badly when a dangerous gang appears as the ship is in orbit of Batuu, and players are forced to scramble to safety.

This is not as easy as it sounds as players must use tools to access and fix various systems and working in V.R. at times caused me to drop items when I was attempting to place or remove them from my belt.

Once I got into combat the thrill of Star Wars was full on as the great visuals and sound effects instantly took me back to the films and it was like playing out childhood Star Wars battles for real. I did drop my gun a few times and found the need to vent the weapon to be a nice touch. I even did the old action film standby of throwing my weapon at an enemy when my charge was depleted. This almost got as loud a laugh from my wife as when I grabbed for my gun and pulled a tool from my belt in the middle of a fight.

Launching an Escape Pod was pure fun and once I was planetside, taking on various missions to advance the story was great fun as there were endless enemies and immersive locales and characters to interact with.

I at times had to work with my navigation and combat took me a bit to get used to not going toe to toe with enemies as your character is not an FPS hero who can absorb heavy amounts of damage. Despite my navigation and tool manipulation issues which were infrequent, the game is lots of fun and is a very engaging and deeply immersive Star Wars adventure that is not to be missed and without a doubt is a must-own title for any PSVR2 Owner.

4 stars out of 5