The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR Is A Chilling Action Shooter For The PSVR2

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood was one of my favorite titles for the PSVR as it combined a rail shooter, horror, and thrill ride simulator that blended action and horror well.

When I learned that The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR was coming for the PSVR2 I eagerly awaited my turn to review the game and savored every creepy moment of it.

Players find themselves in creepy locations such as an abandoned ship, creepy houses, caves, fog-laden roads, farms, and countless eerie staples from Horror and must fight off hordes of various enemies using dual weapons while moving along a rail system.

At times the car will stop or move at a crawl while other times will see players whisking along at a Roller Coaster pace where they have to lean or duck to avoid damage as they would from incoming fire or blows from the countless enemies.

Players will start with two pistols and will have to do a reload when they run dry which makes proper planning key as you do not want to run dry when a pack of enemies is rushing you. Players will be able to obtain health by shooting key objects along the way and will also be able to select paths of the track to follow which will offer variations on a locale.

Each locale is similar to a chapter with a score and cut scene at the end and I found for myself that playing one or two areas at a time was best as it allowed me to enjoy the game fully when the creep factor and challenge increased.

Players can upgrade their weapons to include a Magnum, Machine Gun, and Shotgun at various times and a dual weapon variation can make for some fun encounters. There was also an option for a Blacklight which was key to unlocking weak areas of a target to shoot in order to advance as well as a Taser which stunned enemies and at times activated traps to help players fight off various waves.

There were several puzzles along the way and players had to figure out via trial and error the way to success but despite the challenges later in the game; it was still enjoyable and being able to select the skill level that is best for players is a nice touch.

The graphics and sounds in the game are sharp and immersive and the game does a good job of setting a chilling atmosphere and engaging players. My only regret was not having a multiplayer option and that at times some of the later stages became a bit frustrating trying to shoot and reload when enemies kept coming but in the end, the game delivered and I highly recommend it to any horror fan and the game actually worked well when we had guests over as the family enjoyed taking a turn or watching the mayhem.


4 stars out of 5