Gerard Butler’s Kandahar Shows A Complex World Of The Individuals Behind The Scenes Of Global Politics

Gerard Butler stars as Tom Harris in the new film “Kandahar” which presents a look at the people who work behind the scenes in a complicated, dangerous, and volatile, region.

Tom works as an operative and carries out clandestine assignments even when the people behind his actions publically deny the work he does or involvement in the region as numerous parties on all sides are concerned about global optics and politics versus reality.

Tom is facing marital issues and is asked to come home and give up his life in favor of a normal life but he finds the idea of becoming a teacher or working a desk to be so unappealing that he may lose his family over it.

In the aftermath of a mission as he prepares to come home; Tom is recruited to travel to a very dangerous area with the promise of enough money to finance the Medical School aspirations of his daughter. Despite his misgivings, the offer is too good to pass up and as he begins his operation, a whistleblower has exposed his recent operation and those behind it making his image and alias known to all.

With danger surrounding them, Tom and his interpreter must find a way to escape all the while various parties throughout the world become involved with finding Tom at all costs.

The movie paints a wide look at a complicated issue and shows that the lines between morality and justification become very blurred when looking at the multiple factors and varied viewpoints and agendas that are behind them.


4 stars out of 5


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