Elemental Is A Return To Form For Pixar And The Perfect Summer Film For The Entire Family

Finding your way in the world can be very difficult and even more so when you are a fire element with an explosive temper. In the new Pixar film “Elemental” audiences are introduced to Ember (Leah Lewis), a young flame being who lives with her mother and father in their combination home and business that caters to other fire beings. In a city where the various elements live and work can have its challenges, especially to the destructive nature of fire which causes some prejudice against them as well as their natural distrust of water.

Ember is preparing for the day that she will take over the family business however her inability to deal with customers leads to combustible outrage which in turn results in a flooding incident at their business. Further compounding matters is the fact that a city inspector named Wade (Mamoudou Athie), who is a water element has been sucked into the basement and promptly documents multiple violations that shut down the business.

Desperate to undo the damage, Ember strikes a deal that she will work with Wade to locate and fix the source of the leak in a few days time which will result in the removal of the infractions against the family home and business.

Along the Way, Wade and Ember start to grow close however the incompatibility of their two elements presents an obstacle as does the various elements of their respective societies.

What follows is a charming and visually appealing adventure that tugs at the heartstrings the way that the best Pixar films can.

There are multiple thematic elements at play and they’re presented in a very matter-of-fact way that doesn’t become overly preachy and can appeal to viewers of all age levels. Aside from the obstacles facing a mixed relationship, there are elements of finding your way in the world while trying to appease your parents, dealing with those who place limitations upon you, and finding your voice.

The characters are charming and engaging on the visuals of the world comprised of elements is often quite charming and clever. It will be very interesting to see what the future holds for the characters as there are certainly opportunities to revisit them in the future which would be very welcome as “Elemental” is a very charming and engaging return to form for Pixar and the perfect summer film for the entire family.

4 stars out of 5