Year 5 Comes To The Division 2

Looks like a solid update.

Today, Ubisoft announced the launch of Year 5: Season 1 for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. Season 1: Broken Wings brings a fresh twist in the target manhunt and will include new Leagues, apparel event, the return of Global Events and the new “Descent” rogue-lite mode. Today’s release comes as The Division 2 celebrates a milestone of having 20 million players. Season 1: Broken Wings is available to all The Division® 2 Warlords of New York owners and Ubisoft+ subscribers, while Descent is available for all Division 2 players.


What Happened in DC? – In the wake of the attack at the White House, The Division has discovered that 11 people are unaccounted for and considered missing. Agents will be tasked to go on a high-stakes rescue mission to find the missing civilians, as they have valuable intel on the White House and The Castle Settlement.


Season 1’s prime target is Mari Singh, the former Director of the DC Aquarium. She moved into The Castle and set up a fish farm to support the settlement and build a sustainable and secure place to raise their growing family. Agents must locate and rescue Mari and 4 other hostages before further damage can be done in Washington DC. Securing the people will help rebuild The Castle and restore vital services for The Division.

Alongside locating Mari and rescuing her and the hostages, players will have a chance to earn:

Electrique Gear Brand Set

Cavalier – Gear Set

St. Elmo’s Engine – Exotic Auto Rifle

Shocker Punch – Exotic Holster

Cabaret – Named MP5 ST

Big Show – Named MG5 LMG

Descent is Finally Here – The much-anticipated rogue-lite “Descent” mode is now available for all Division 2 players. In Descent, Division Agents enter a special training simulation located in a high-tech underground bunker. Agents must leave their gear and SHD tech behind and try to overtake the AI in charge of the simulation. In this mission, Agents will gather new weapons, skills and talents as they explore rooms and defeat enemies, bosses and the ultimate opponent. Players can enjoy Descent solo or in co-op.


Players can also enjoy listening to the music from Descent, as the soundtrack is slated to be released Friday, June 9 on all major music streaming platforms and the Ubisoft Music YouTube channel.

Escalation Apparel Event – As part of Season 1: Broken Wings, players will be able to unlock apparel items inspired by SHD tech and the Black Tusk. This apparel event will be available starting June 20.


Weapons, Gear & Vanity Items! Year 5, Season 1 also includes new weapons, gear and an array of vanity items for players to engage with. In addition, players with the Premium Season Pass can gain access to the following rewards:

9 new weapon skins

10 new gear dyes

3 new emotes

3 new arm patches

Special Year 5 Season 1 vanity outfit

A Splinter Cell outfit

New helmet available as the Level 100 reward