FEROCIOUS Tears Up The PC Gaming Show

This may be one to watch.

An ambitious adventure FPS from debuting indie studio OMYOG, signed by tinyBuildA setting based on pulp adventures (like King Kong), with combat inspired by Crysis Wishlist on Steam [https://store.steampowered.com/app/1645630/FEROCIOUS/] for development updatesAnnouncement trailer (as seen at the PC Gaming Show)

Lost World FPS FEROCIOUS to be published by tinyBuildBattle prehistoric monsters and a deadly mercenary army in this visually stunning first-person action adventure. SEATTLE, WA, June 11th – tinyBuild are proud to announce that they will be publishing FEROCIOUS [https://store.steampowered.com/app/1645630/FEROCIOUS/], the upcoming single-player FPS adventure from independent studio OMYOG, coming to PC and consoles soon.After a catastrophic shipwreck, players awaken, marooned on a fog-shrouded and mysterious island. Its shores and jungles teeming with both prehistoric life and a shadowy private army intent on keeping the island’s secrets to themselves. A battle is about to erupt in this forgotten world, and only the fittest will survive. Get your first glimpse of the chaos to come in the gameplay reveal trailer below, first shown during the 2023 PC Gaming Show [https://www.pcgamingshow.com/].


Inspired by classic pulp adventure stories like King Kong and modern tactical shooters such as Crysis, FEROCIOUS plunges players into intense jungle combat. Stalked by deadly predators and well-equipped soldiers alike, it’ll take cool nerves, a steady aim and an arsenal of customizable weapons to come out on top. Mastery of the jungle also reveals new tactical options, including stealth, evasion and even working alongside the native animals. Not everything here wants to take a chunk out of your hide. Developed using Unity, FEROCIOUS is a testament to what a small independent team can achieve. A rich, detailed environment, textured with a mixture of hand-crafted and photo-sourced assets. The island’s shores are hammered by simulated waves, and the forests are dense with destructible foliage and physics-driven trees just waiting to be split by a hail of gunfire. While many of the creatures living on the island are lifted straight from paleontology books, not everything here is immediately familiar. In this strange and isolated ecosystem, new creatures have evolved. Face the unknown, and battle for survival when FEROCIOUS launches on PC and consoles.


Wishlist the game on Steam now [https://store.steampowered.com/app/1645630/FEROCIOUS/] to receive updates on development, and to hear the release date as soon as it’s announced. About tinyBuildtinyBuild is a global video game publisher and developer focused on creating long-lasting, sustainable franchises across multiple media formats. Responsible for over 70 titles, including Hello Neighbor, Graveyard Keeper, and Potion Craft, the company has a dozen development studios across the US, EU, Serbia, and Ukraine. About OMYOGA small but talented independent development team led by Leonard Saalfrank. OMYOG are currently developing FEROCIOUS, their ambitious debut project.Follow their adventures in game development here on Twitter [https://twitter.com/omeletteandyog1]. Game Info Title: FEROCIOUS Developer: OMYOG Publisher: tinyBuild Platforms: Windows PC, Consoles TBA Price: TBA Release Date: TBA