Trepang2 Is A Solid FPS That Does Not Overstay It’s Welcome

Trepang2 (As in squared not part 2), is an enjoyable FPS that mixes old and new and a dash of the classic F.E.A.R. to create one of the more enjoyable experiences in the genre.

I first played the demo of the game about a year ago and I look forward to seeing what the final game would look like. Players take on the role of an individual attempting to escape from a secret facility and use everything from a cloaking ability and stealth as well as an arsenal of weapons to dispatch the waves of enemies facing them.
Various machine guns as well as pistols, explosives, shotguns, and sniper rifles, can be deployed the trick is a player can only use two weapons at a time so they may have to swap out from a fallen enemy or supply crate when ammunition runs light. There are also health and armor upgrades that can be found along the way and before and after each mission players can return to a base once they have finished their initial escape mission for a larger story involving the Horizon Corporation and their various illegal experiments.

An interesting aspect of the game is that players have the option to choose their core or side missions and if you stick mainly to the campaign, you can finish the game in about four hours.

While aspects of the overall storyline including villains may be truncated compared to what players expect, it was actually kind of nice not to have to wade through 12 to 16 hours of gameplay to take out my objectives.

There is still plenty of life in the game should choose to do the side missions but the game is enjoyable from start to finish and did not overstay its welcome or seem overly padded as some games in the genre do.

Some levels were a bit dark for my liking and even with a flashlight, navigation at times could be difficult. Enemies were pretty tactical and we do everything from swarm to flanking techniques, and the multiple difficulty settings options of the game allows players to find a style and difficulty that best suits them.

It will be interesting to see if the developers revisit this world anytime soon as it would be very interesting to see where they would expand upon the story.

If you’re looking for some solid FPS action then Trepang2 is a great option, especially for players who like the game that hits the ground running and puts the focus on the action rather than the extended narrative as much of the story is told over the course of missions rather through drawn-out cut scenes

4 stars out of 5