Top Online Casinos Instant Payment Methods for New Zealand Players

The Gambling Act of 2003 regulates as well as curbs multiple gambling activities in New Zealand. New Zealanders have restricted access to punting, pokies and casinos with no availability of bookmaking due to the ban imposed in 1920. Yet, it has not limited people with NZ citizenship from investing in profitable casinos and lotteries, the latter being a trademark of the country. New Zealand statistics show a rise of 88% in gaming machine usage since 1991 and the last recorded revenue in 2007 summed up to NZ$ 7921 million.

Online gambling has become possible in New Zealand and adhering to the laws, New Zealand players can gamble under Lotto NZ and New Zealand Racing Board (TAB), established under the Racing Industry Act 2020.

To start a gambling journey, locating the best online casinos operating with offshore licenses is necessary. Such casinos are accessible to New Zealanders under restrictions of class 1 & 2 gambling clauses, as long as the policies around responsible gambling are followed. We asked our friends from BPokies to explain to readers the best and most instantaneous payment methods to be used in online casinos in NZ. Continue reading to know more!

Cash Cards: Debit and Credit Options

The simplest method of transaction is using debit or credit cards. Registration with online casinos is a lot more convenient with the cards and using cards cut down on illegal, underage gambling since identity verification is conducted with the use of cards.

Debit and credit cards have international relevance and usage options are broader and can be used in all legal casinos. Cards make bigger deposits possible at once unlike other payment methods and entail casino bonuses like:

  • welcome bonuses,
  • birthday bonuses,
  • special vouchers, and other offers.

The only drawbacks to cards are the usage charges deducted after depositing and the time taken to deposit the money can extend to 3 days on average. The cards commonly used in New Zealand casinos are:

  • Visa,
  • MasterCard,
  • Maestro.

All the cards have a max transaction limit of NZ$ 20,000.

E-wallets and other E-modes

Ewallets are a faster payment option compared to cards and do not entail the 3-or-more day payment issue. Deposits are instantaneous and deposits and withdrawals are possible in a curtailed period.

Ewallets have a greater variety of options and are a preferred payment method in online gambling. They have garnered popularity with digitalization and most young adults are known to have e-wallet accounts for their ease. The most recommended e-wallets are listed here. All e-wallets listed have a max limit of above NZ$ 5,000 (except PaySafe).


Paypal is the most recognized for its safe international transactions. The safety is enforced by its double encryption incorporating SSL authentication, along with password-enabled protection. Paypal is downloadable on all devices and usually linked with a debit card. Paypal makes avails currencies of different countries and makes transference to different currencies possible. Paypal charges up to 4% on monetary transactions, a drawback to the app.


Skrill includes a wide gamut of currencies, up to 40 different ones, and can be used in 131 countries for money transactions, any currency to NZD. Skrill is fast, efficient, and great for lower bets.


Paysafe provides a prepaid card with guaranteed protection with its 16-pin encryption. Paysafe works in 40 or more countries and is the safest of all e-wallets. The prepaid card works similarly to the credit card and the PaySafe card has to be similarly purchased to be granted its service. Paysafe is recommended for problem gamblers but the protection of the 16-pin encryption needs to be bought to use it.


Neteller allows users to transfer money from different wallets and also banks directly. It does not implement complicated deposit and withdrawal techniques and its fluidity and easy access make it a popular e-wallet.

Bank Transfer

New Zealand players can transfer funds from their respective bank accounts to the online casino if they have none of the above options. Bank transfer is the most common transfer method for New Zealand players with the least risks, a limit of NZ$ 50,000, and the option to receive welcome bonuses and vouchers. Bank transfers cannot maintain anonymity and identity verifications are conducted for this payment method.

Cryptocurrency and UPI Transfer

Cryptocurrencies maintain anonymity and are for players who seek to not register themselves to escape the radar. Cryptocurrencies are hassle-free and the need to transfer currencies does not exist, hence losing out money based on currency differences can be avoided.

UPI can also be used by beginner players who seek to familiarize themselves with online casinos. For UPI, both bank and card details are required. Two common UPIs used for NZD are:

  • Apple Pay for iPhone,
  • Google Pay for Android.


The payment methods are curated for New Zealand players adhering to the Gambling laws and they promote safe gambling with surveillance to protect user interests. All these payment methods are effective and restrict problem gambling to promote a healthy gambling experience.

Gambling can be addictive and a destructive habit. If you or your loved one suffers from a gambling problem, kindly seek help by calling the Gambling Helpline: 0800 654 655.