Atari Reveals New Trailer For Haunted House

Looking forward to this one./

Prepare for the spookiest game of hide and “eek!” you’ve ever played in Haunted House, an all-new casual roguelite adventure from Atari and developer Orbit Studios, coming later this year to PC and consoles.

The São Paulo-based developer took to the stage at BIG Festival 2023, as part of Atari’s headlining presence, to reveal the very first teaser trailer, viewable below:
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Fraught with all kinds of ookies and spookies, Haunted House is a reimagining of the old-school survival-horror title. Modernized with dynamic roguelite elements and stealth-based gameplay, sneak through procedurally generated mansion rooms while avoiding undead unwelcomed guests.

Haunted House puts players in the shoes of Lyn Graves, the sharply intuitive niece of renowned treasure hunter Zachary Graves. Along with her friends, Lyn plans a visit to her uncle’s mansion, only to be ambushed by a horde of menacing ghouls that swiftly seize her companions and vanish into thin air. To rescue her uncle and friends from the clutches of these supernatural specters, Lyn must locate and reassemble the shattered fragments of a mysterious urn.

Featuring procedurally generated room layouts, shifting walls, unpredictable enemy positions, and ghastly ghostly encounters, players must cautiously navigate through swarms of ghouls and phantoms to locate Lyn’s missing friends and her uncle. Should Lyn succumb to a sinister spirit, she’ll find herself back at the entrance of the house, facing a completely new floor layout and rearranged enemies, guaranteeing a unique experience with each run.

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Haunted House is developed by Orbit Studios and published by Atari. The game will launch on Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, Atari VCS, and Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S later this year.