The Loyal Subjects Reveals Their SDCC Lineup

Since 2009, The Loyal Subjects (TLS) has become a leading global toy and collectibles brand, and licensor of world-class brands and leading global franchises, including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. TLS has sold SEVERAL million toys in more than 20 countries! The Founder and CEO, Jonathan Cathey has disrupted the traditional toy company standard model with an extraordinarily talented assembly of professionals and creatives who quickly respond, on a dime to changes and trends. It has become the fastest-growing independent action figure company.


The Loyal Subjects are coming in hot this year with our NEW SDCC Exclusives with the one and Mateus Santolouco. Products listed below.


-TMNT BST AXN SDCC 2023 Donatello “Battle Ready” 5″ Figure

MSRP: $30

-TMNT BST AXN SDCC 2023 Leonardo “Battle Ready” 5″ Figure

MSRP: $30

-TMNT BST AXN SDCC 2023 Raphael “Battle Ready” 5″ Figure

MSRP: $30

-TMNT BST AXN SDCC 2023 Michelangelo “Battle Ready” 5″ Figure

MSRP: $30

-TMNT Cheebees SDCC 2023 Turtles 4-pack

MSRP: $30

-TMNT BST AXN 4PK SDCC 2023 Turtles Comic B&W 4-pack 5″ Figures

MSRP: $100

-TMNT BST AXN + VEHICLE SDCC 2023 Raphael Comic with Gold Motorcycle

MSRP: $50

-TMNT BST AXN XL SDCC 2023 Super Shredder Glow-in-the-Dark Comic 8″ Figure

MSRP: $40

-TMNT BST AXN SDCC 2023 Rahzar Video Game Colors 6″ Figure

MSRP: $30

-TMNT BST AXN SDCC 2023 Tokka Video Game Colors 6″ Figure

MSRP: $30


Come visit us at booth #2544 for giveaways, exclusive product offerings and an official Mateus Santolouco signing! Above, you’ll find the signing schedule – limited quantities available, first come first serve! Let us know if you have any questions and if you’re interested in booking an on-site appointment with The Loyal Subjects team. Looking forward to connecting!