Pixel Ripped 1978 Is Nostalgic Atari Fun Made Even Better On The PSVR2

Atari returns to V.R. with Pixel Ripped 1978 and has created a loving mix of nostalgia and fun.

Playing on the PSVR2 I was impressed with the whimsical landscape I was in where I would roam a village and interact with other characters and use my tool to harvest and clear debris.

Once sent on my mission I had to move through various environments such as a tech-based one where I had to eliminate obstacles and find needed items in order to advance to my next area.

The next area was a delight as I was in an office and had to test/play two Atari cartridge games and interact with office staff and answer the phone. My wife found it very amusing that I was playing a game where I had to play a game in order to advance.

While playing classic Atari 2600-style games in a V.R. setting was fun, the ability to drink coffee, eat donuts, and even throw my cup at passing staff, the walls, etc, and have it magically return was great fun.

Being able to blast and smash your way through various eras is great fun but the real joy is visiting classic games and settings from the past and being able to play and interact with them in new ways and bringing back several nostalgic moments from my childhood playing Atari games at home or in the arcade.

Graphically the game shines as it mixes old and new to give a quirky and unique visual style and one that can change from era to era as players complete their quest to defeat the enemy and launch the game on time.

This is a must for any Atari fan and fan of the Pixel Ripped series and is a must-own for any PSVR2 owner who remembers the days of classic gaming.

4 stars out of 5