Synapse Is A Must-Own For PSVR2 Owners Who Love Action

Synapse continues the trend of impressive games on the PSVR 2 and with it some of the most engaging action and combat inventiveness out there.

Players start with a training mission that teaches them how to load and fire their weapon, take cover, advance, move about the map, and use special abilities.

As the missions begin, players will have to fight various enemies and at times, movement in a V.R. setting can be a bit tricky but in time, players will be able to get the hang of it. The key is to make use of cover and understand that shots at distant targets may drift and to be careful not to come out from cover too long when trying to place a precise shot.

As the game advanced I was able to use Telekinetic abilities which enabled me to grasp and move objects. This can be a bit tricky on the explosive ones as a light grasp allows you to hold it but too much detonates the object and when using a PSVR2 controller, it does take some practice.

This ability can be a huge help in moving objects to navigate to your goal as well as dispatching enemies. I had run out of ammunition and found myself surrounded by enemies. I was able to grab a box and use it to smash an enemy repeatedly which allowed me to advance, reload, and continue my way to my objective.

As the missions unfolded the game naturally became harder but the ability to play the game with varied strategies and not be forced into a linear style of gameplay and mission completion was a great joy. Graphically the game shines on the PSVR2 and I really enjoyed seeing how much games of this type had progressed from the PSVR1 in terms of options, graphics, and gameplay really made this a must-own for PSVR2 owners.

4 stars out of 5