Season 2 of Loki Delivers A Deeper And More Complicated Universe With Great Performances

The second season of Loki on Disney+ arrives on October 5 and continues the complex and convoluted plot lines from the first season as well as threads introduced in “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

Picking up where season one ended, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) finds himself leaping time after encountering a dangerous threat that his variant Sylvie has made worse via her actions. Mobius (Owen Wilkson) soon finds himself paired with Loki as well as a new ally (Ke Huy Quan), to leap through various timelines to uncover what is wrong and she tries to find a solution. While the first two of the four episodes made available to me dealt with complicated and frantic segments that also serve to introduce new players as well as gather the key players; the new season hit its stride with the third episode which was set in a fair from the past where a Con Man (Jonathan Majors), enters into the mix. Loki is very aware of who this person represents in various realities but a much larger game is at play with extremely complicated permutations thanks to the various threads of time which are trying to be policed and maintained.

Things become even more complicated in the fourth episode and while at times things do move a bit slowly and take their time getting to brief moments of action, the performances of the cast carry the day as Wilson and Hiddleston are always great to watch.

It will be curious to see where the final two episodes go and how they fit into upcoming Marvel storylines, but for now; Loki is an engaging new entry from Marvel that fans should enjoy.