The Division 2 Season 2 Puppeteers Trailer

This looks good.

Today, Ubisoft announced the launch of Year 5: Season 2 for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. Season 2: Puppeteers takes Division Agents on a manhunt for The Recruiter. Players will also engage in a new set of rescue missions, and will see the return of a fan-favorite: Incursions. Year 5 Season 2 also includes a new Apparel Event and holiday-themed cosmetics.

This Season in “Puppeteers” – After recovering Mari Singh and the first set of hostages, Agents will turn their focus on locating the remaining people missing in order to learn more about Natalya Sokolova’s plans against The Division.


Agents must find the rest of the hostages. Among them is Vikram Malik, who was taken by the Black Tusk who once worked with Sokolova. Rescuing Malik means learning more about what she is scheming. As part of their rescue mission, The Division must hunt down and confront The Recruiter, the prime target in Season 2. Taking down The Recruiter will help uncover the secrets behind who and why he is recruiting.


As each hostage is rescued, Agents will see new upgrades to areas of The Castle as part of the settlement’s ongoing rebuild. Alongside rescuing all of the hostages, players will have a chance to earn the following items:

Free track items:

  • 1 new Brand Set
  • 1 new Gear Set
  • 1 new Exotic Chest piece
  • 1 new Exotic weapon
  • 2 new Named gear pieces
  • 2 new Named weapons
  • 3 new arm patches

Premium track items:

  • 11 weapon skins
  • 11 gear dyes
  • 3 new emotes
  • 2 Special Year 5 Season 2 vanity outfits

Incursions are Back! – A staple in Tom Clancy’s The Division, the four-player Incursion missions are now available in The Division 2, with high-skill endgame content that will feature unique mechanics and challenging boss encounters.


The first Incursion – titled “Paradise Lost” – will have four Division agents work to liberate the burning Meret Estate Settlement, which has been taken over by the Cleaners. The Division must locate and rescue the hidden survivors and their leader – Mackenzie Meret – but will need to battle tough enemies along the way.


Up to four agents can participate in Incursions. Each week an Incursion is cleared will result in the reward of an exotic item (this may include a unique exotic only available in the Incursion). Incursions are the ultimate team challenge. That’s why Agents will need to employ optimal gear loadouts, strategy and collaboration in order to succeed.


New Themed Apparel Event – As part of Season 2: Puppeteers, there will also be an apparel event titled “NEXUS.” This apparel event will include items that will add a never-before-seen aesthetic to The Division 2. This apparel event will be available starting October 17.


Other Cool Stuff! – Year 5, Season 2 also includes new gear and an array of vanity items for players to engage with:

  • Players with the Premium Season Pass can gain access to a Hunter-themed outfit. (Themed outfits are a newer addition to the Season Pass, adding more variety to the rewards).
  • Themed limited-time Bundles will also be available, with a new release every two-to-three weeks. Each Bundle will include a mixture of weapon skins, gear dyes and emotes. Bundles will come in two forms:
  • Special Bundles: Mixture of cosmetics, with at least one new item
  • Regular Bundles: Mixture of existing cosmetics


Back for the Holidays! – The annual winter holiday celebrations will be back in The Division 2 this December, and with it the return of festive-themed cosmetics. This holiday season, projects will be available for players to complete, resulting in a new holiday item. There will be 15 new projects for players to take on. Each project awards Agents with a cosmetic reward, giving them up to 15 cosmetic rewards to unlock – 10 of which are completely new items.


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