Babylon 5 Lands On Blu-Ray At Long Last

Open a Jump Point as the multi-award-winning Babylon 5 has arrived on Blu-Ray. The complete five seasons of the show as well as the pilot episode have been expertly enhanced which has long been a request of fans but the extensive use of early CGI effects and the ratio of presentation made it a daunting task.

Combine this with legions of fans, TV movies, spinoffs, and a DVD movie; the franchise never seemed to get the love fans believed it was due.

Following the recent release of a new animated film and rumors of a series reboot; the arrival of the Complete Series On Blu-Ray is very welcome and encouraging.

The series centers around a station named Babylon 5 where the Earth Alliance following a war believes will allow the various races of the galaxy to work out their differences without violence.

Not everyone or everything is as it seems however as the show follows the various characters through deep plot and character twists. What seems to be a simple line often proves to have deep significance down the line.

The series frequently explored themes of politics, religion, war, the media, and more with an engaging intelligence not normally found on television.

Series creator Joe Michael Straczynski wrote the majority of the episodes and his engaging and evolving stories are gripping g and entertaining.

The show has never looked not sounded better and hopefully the other entries into the Babylon 5 universe will make their way to Blu-ray soon as this is a series you can watch repeatedly and always find something new as it truly is a landmark achievement in the genre.

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